Trebol and a Tequila Girl

Last Friday night, My Pirate took me out to Trebol for dinner.  I’ve wanted to go for over a year now because they cook local and seasonal organic ingredients plus they have a roof top garden to reduce water run off.  But my main reason is that they have over 75 different tequilas in their bar.  I’m such a tequila girl.

I punctuate all the big moments in my life with tequila.  So, this past Friday, I wanted to sip some tequila and toast my grandpa’s life. 

We ordered the flight of El Tequileno tequilas to taste. The flight demonstrated how tequila changes when it is aged in American Oak Casks. The Anejo had been aged over 12 months and it looked and smelled more like a rich bourbon than tequila.  It was delicious while we nibbled on an appetizer of crunchy tacos.

The pineapple and habanero margarita with a cumin spiced rim was sweet and very spicy.  But far too spicy for My Pirate. His loss.

We enjoyed our dinners and I snapped a few shots on My Pirate's iPhone. The food was thoughtfully prepared, and beautiful with balanced flavors.  While we were eating, My Pirate leaned in close to me and said, “I never enjoy a meal out at a restaurant as much as I enjoy your cooking at home.”

And I about fell off my stool.  What a sweet talker…he’s definitely a keeper.  Don’t you think?    

And then we shared the fried spice donut holes topped with chocolate mouse and served with Chantilly cream  for dessert.   Then he swept me off my feet.
 We plan on trying Trebol's happy hour next.  Their drinks and appetizers are amazing.  Would you like to join us?