Now the Garden Sleeps

Akebia quinata vine hanging off of the pergola
My garden was slow to slumber this season due to the record breaking late hard frost. On Christmas morning, I watched the brilliant green and rose feathered male Anna’s hummingbird tickling the hardy fuchsia flowers as it fed in my backyard.  It was an enjoyable Christmas treat. 

Ladies' Eardrops, Fuchsia 'Aurea'
The weekend following Christmas, the hard frost finally hit and I went out to capture the results with my camera.

Grass seed head in the sun

Castor Bean
Tiny Tim Spurge bloom 
Petasites japonicas 
And then it snowed!

And now the garden sleeps, except for the hardy fuchsias and Anna's Hummingbirds that complain to me with a smacking tsik-tsik whenever I enter their garden.  

Ladies' Eardrops, Fuchsia 'Aurea'