My Practice Sour Cherry Pie

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the sour cherry pie I baked on Saturday with Warrant's song,  Cherry Pie, rattling around in my head. I was a complete ignoramus on the subject until last Saturday.  Sour cherry pie happens to be my friend Cindy’s favorite birthday dessert and her birthday is in February.  As you all know, I’m busy learning how to make my friend’s favorite birthday treats this year.  Because for me there is no greater cooking high than baking something special for my friends and family to enjoy. 

Anyway, I was nervous about this whole cherry pie thing.  Because, using great cherries is crucial and I didn’t know where I could find sour cherries.  Sour cherries are ripe for only two weeks a year.  My concern melted away after my first call to Joe’s Place, a local orchard; they sell sour cherries pitted and frozen in two-pound bags. Major score.  Then, I was left to pick a recipe for my first attempt. 

I turned to Melissa Clark’s sour cherry pie recipe because I enjoy her soup recipes.  Nonsensical criteria, I know…but it worked for me this time.  Her sour cherry pie recipe is delicious; I know this because I only got one bite of the whole stinkin’ pie.  And her tip to run the instant tapioca through a coffee grinder before adding it to the pie is brilliant.  It cut the tapioca into a fine flour and the juices of the pie looked beautiful without any white bits floating in it.

My friend Cindy loved the practice pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  It was a little runny, just the way she likes it.  And next time, I’m going to use a little less sugar, to bring out the tartness of the cherries.  You really need to try this pie!  I know that I’m looking forward to having a whole slice to myself.  And make sure to bake two pies so you’ll have enough to share with your loved ones.

Please follow the link to Melissa Clark's sour cherry pie recipe!  

The Assistant loves to help make pie.