My Hit List

Every January, while everyone is spouting good intentions and eating carrots sticks, I get down to some serious business.  I write my hit list for the garden.  Life is simply too short to grow plants that don’t thrill me.  So, here goes.

The Hit List—(off with it’s head and into the compost heap!)
  • Snowberries—they need more sun and have fungal problems
  • Acanthus mollis—in the back yard only
  • Wild roses
  • Cape fuschias in the backyard
  • Plain green hostas
  • A Rugosa rose with world domination issues—it’s pushed up 11 new canes
  • Mint—I’m tearing out the mint bed, all 3 ½ ‘ by 8 ½ ‘ of it—apple, chocolate, mint julep and pineapple mint.  
  • Horseradish—I don’t use the little thug.
  • Lovage—it’s infested with little black insects that refuse to die  

(Tentative) Massive Rhododendron with lace bug outbreak—There’s nothing like a death threat to encourage a plant to grow.  Rhodie, do you hear me?  Shape up or ship out.

(Tentative) Ostrich ferns—I love how they look in spring but they need more water in August than I’m currently willing to give them. 

Out with the old and in with the new, and now that I’ve made some room in the garden, I get to figure out my spring plant list!