An Angry Bird and Freezing Fog

On Sunday, a freezing fog encapsulated the garden.   I shivered as I took shots of the ice crystals using my new tripod. 
Doesn't this Rugosa Rose hip look like a spider? 

Cars slowed down and people waved at me as I took pictures of the ice lightly decorating the plants like frosting.  

I was happily minding my own business taking pictures of the Cape Fuchsia while listening to the Anna’s hummingbird nonstop litany which sounded vaguely like a cursing rapper, when the Anna’s hummingbird took action and dive bombed me.  The hummingbird’s left wing pivoted off my left cheek and it swooped behind my head and around. And I screamed out, “Really?” 
Cape Fuchsia seed heads
Then the hummingbird resumed its tirade. This hummingbird obviously has the bird version of small dog syndrome. It has all the nerve endings of a bald eagle in that tiny little body. I’m going to put a new hummingbird feeder out front, as a gesture of peace. 

Later in the afternoon, the cold winter sun melted the ice off of the massive fir tree and I watched a glowing rain storm in my back yard on a sunny day.  It was a beautiful day.