Warm Olives and Goat Cheese

Tonight I had a culinary revelation with the modest olive, despite the fact that I found myself in Roots Restaurant, wearing my muddy garden rain jacket instead of my nice coat.  Oops.  I stood there standing like Zinnia (Xena) the Garden Warrior.  My Pirate told me that I looked beautiful, mud spatters and all.  Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

I ordered the white bean with ham soup and the goat cheese and olive plate.  And the goat cheese and olive plate arrived warm.  The cheese was oozy and unctuous and the olives were mild with subtle nuances.  Even My Pirate kept pilfering the olives and this man HATES olives.  I admit that I looked a little smug when he admitted that he liked those olives. 

So, the next time I snack on olives, I’m going to warm them.  And share them with My Pirate.  Aren’t simple culinary tweaks fabulous?