French Onion Soup for Dinner

It’s strange, but by postponing Christmas, we’ve actually been celebrating it all week.  Which is a lovely surprise.  I’m still too tired to throw down in the kitchen like I normally do, so I’ve been taking it in small steps and flourishes.  And I’m not even done with our Christmas menu yet.  Isn’t that great?

Last night, we made French onion soup for dinner, for the first time. And it was the best onion soup that I’ve ever had.  Ever.  I’ve hesitated about learning how to make my own onion soup because I was afraid that I would start eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But, I shouldn’t have been afraid, because it is far more satisfying and thus, I eat less of it.

French onion soup is basically an assembly job in my kitchen.  I discovered that I keep all the ingredients tucked in my freezer except for the cheese.  I did have a fresh batch of beef stock in the fridge, so I used that instead of chicken stock.  I used Jacques Pepin's recipe for onion soup as a guide.  Jacques Pepin is my favorite cooking instructor and cookbook writer.  My Pirate refers to Jacques as “my favorite old man” and it’s true.  I enjoy watching how he handles the food and makes complicated dishes look easy.

When we pulled the finished soup out of the oven, we both giggled, and I took pictures of it like it was a celebrity.  Then we spooned it into our bowls.  We sat down. Clinked wine glasses, “to us” and dug in.  We ate silently, savoring the beefy, cheesy, and oniony creation and locked eyes every so often in satisfaction.  I have a feeling that this was the first of many bowls of French onion soup to be served in our kitchen this coming new year.  Happy New Year!

And here's the link to Jacques Pepin's Onion Soup Lyonnaise that I used as a guide.  Enjoy!