Bouquet of the Week: November Beauty

chocolate cosmos

Today, the sun came out and lit the autumn foliage on fire.  I went outside with my camera to capture the moment and I noticed that the chocolate cosmos were still blooming.  So, I grabbed my snips and picked some blooms.  I decided to use my three favorite bottles that I picked up at a garage sale a decade ago.  I know.  I really like these bottles.

I also picked a japanese anemone seed head and a stem of purple beautyberry.  And I laid three fiery Kousa dogwood leaves in front of them.  Then I snapped a few shots.  

purple beautyberry

An old Listerine bottle adds character to this bouquet.  

I caught The Assistant playing innocent after sniffing the chocolaty scent of the chocolate cosmos.  

It was a beautiful day in the garden with The Assistant!