Truth Be Toad

Isn’t it fun when life gives you a collection? I collect plants, recipes, and black lab mixes, but I’ve only purchased one piece of garden art for myself: a concrete angel with a chipped wing.  But my angel isn’t alone in the garden, oh no.  She now has three toads to keep her company.

The first toad is covered in decoupage and was given to me ten years ago. 

The second toad was guarding the front door at our home when we purchased it six years and two days ago.  The paint had worn off the concrete so I painted it copper.  And now it sits on a lime green concrete pedestal beside my Japanese anemone.

This is Rupert.  Rupert was given to me this past August for my birthday from a couple of dear friends.  They picked him up at a massive garage sale at the fair grounds because he reminded them of the copper toad in my yard.  Whenever I look at him, I think of them packing him all around the fair grounds.  And it makes me feel warm and happy inside, like just before you giggle.

The Assistant pops up in the strangest places to help me take pictures!