Bouquet of the Week

This week, I decided to create a bouquet for my hairdresser, Michelle Krause, who is a true artist, gorgeous, and dresses in creative outfits that express her personality.  I simply couldn't give her a bouquet of flowers in a glass mason jar.  No, I needed to give her something with flair, so I decided to use my recent garage sale find, a red mosaic glass vase that added sparkle and texture for $2.50.  And then I paired it with the the ruby stems of ligularia blooms.  I added some smaller ligularia leaves, coleus, and some gold foliage.  And I liked it enough to photograph it.  

But, even as I photographed it with The Assistant.  I felt like something was missing. 

The bouquet simply looked unfinished and like it needed some more height.  So, I added some zebra grass, gold smoke tree, yellow cape fuchsias, new ostrich fern fronds and a big Sum and Substance hosta leaf in the back.  Ta-Da! Now that's more like it.