Wednesday Vignette: Collapsed Flowers

The blooms on the Star Magnolia have flopped over, fully saturated from the rain. A wind storm is tousling the garden. And I feel like a crazy person, out photographing her collapsed flowers in the pouring rain. The Crony Brothers worry about me.


But, isn't this bloom simply marvelous?!?

All the flowers look like porcelain sculptures. I'm dazzled by their beauty and disarray. On Saturday mornings, I take a pottery class and I push a piece of clay around with my clumsy fingers attempting  to create sculptures. My sculptures are thick humble masses and make me appreciate the dazzling array of shapes and sizes of the plants in my garden, even the beauty of a rain soaked Star Magnolia blossom.

Anna's posting about the whole picture today.  Take a look and a deep breathe.