Kousa Dogwood Blooms and My Pirate

It only took the life of the blooms on the cornus kousa dogwood tree for My Pirate to heal from his concussion.  He's back to work after over two months at home recuperating.  I am grateful.

During our two months together at home, we played in the garden and bantered like a retired couple.  I was worried sick about him for the first month, but my worry eased as I saw him improve.  I gave up my early mornings photographing the garden and switched to the breezy evenings.  My Pirate and Barnaby kept posing and 'helping' me take pictures.  Until finally, I  told My Pirate to grab his phone and take his own damn pictures.  He has a good eye and I'm going to add some of his shots to future posts.

So, we've become that disgusting couple that has two hobbies in common.  What's next?  Matching outfits?  Oh wait, we already have that one covered. 

Thank you for all of the encouragement and kind words while My Pirate was healing!  We really appreciated it.