Wednesday Vignette: Stumped

Last summer, when I toured Greg Shepherd's garden for the first time, I fell in love with the stumps in his back garden.  He uses the stumps to punctuate the end of the gravel paths.

At the time, I'd been holding onto stumps cut into squares and old freeway light fixtures that friends had generously given me.  Yay!  Inspired by Greg's stumps, I went home and flipped the freeway light fixture up onto the stump and voila a new garden container was born. 

My new containers.  photo taken October 2014

My new containers.  photo taken October 2014

I borrowed my friend Anna's favorite purple to give them a much needed splash of color.  I love them.  They are unique and fun.  Plus, they are above a certain male Great Dane's pee level, so the plants are safe. Barnaby 'helped' me plant the containers, but hasn't shown them any other interest. 

This spring, I added two more to the garden.  So, now I have four of them punctuating our sitting spaces in the garden.  I'll share more shots of them in an upcoming post on our back garden.  Don't forget to visit our hostess, Anna at Flutter and Hum, to see more Wednesday Vignettes.