Mr. Barnaby and My Garden

Mr. Barnaby, my 170 pound Great Dane, helps me tend my garden and take garden pictures.  And when we've completed our chores, he collapses on the patio furniture with a fir cone or 'hides' in plain sight in his favorite spot in the back garden.  He has a weakness for golden japanese forest grass, Hakonechloa macro 'Aureola', and keeps it trimmed to a nice stubble.   I really wish that he would develop a taste for dandelions or bittercress.

A dane in the life of my garden.

Saxon Holt's garden blogger photo contest titled, Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest, is focusing on photos from 2014 that tell a story. This is my submission.  I had so much fun digging through last years photos, giggling at all of Mr. Barnaby's shenanigans. I took this shot from my picnic table as an afterthought while sipping a cup of tea.  

What story do you see in this shot? And what caption would you give it?