Little Bit of Perfection


In my case, the grass is always greener in my next-door neighbors’ garden.  I’ve refrained from mentioning my next-door neighbors, because they are The Perfect Neighbors. Seriously. And I didn’t want to jinx it.  They are polite, intelligent, thoughtful, and generous, keep a perfectly manicured yard, own the perfect black cat, their daughter is a brain researcher, plus they make great mixed drinks with rum.  So, in short they are The Perfects. 


The only chink that I’ve found so far in their perfection is that Mr. Perfect is perhaps a touch too honest, but only if you ask.  One fall, he mentioned that my dried up moss garden looked like dried cat shit.  He was right, but I was crestfallen.  However, his honesty makes him the best taste tester guinea pig ever!  The Happily Ever After Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes wouldn’t have happened without his steadfast taste testing.  When his eyes rolled into the back of his head, I knew that the recipe had arrived. 


Tonight, I awakened from the zombie Muppet haze that my latest (trial) migraine preventing medication had put me in.  And I celebrated the return of my faculties by taking pictures of The Perfects’ lilac shrub that hugs my side fence.  I enjoy their fragrant lilac blooms every spring.  And it felt great to enjoy a little bit of perfection reach across the fence line into my happy messy garden.