Garden Shed Envy

Envy…I was hoping that with time it would pass, but no.  I still want a cool garden shed like my friend, Linda, who writes the blog, Whatsitgarden.   

Rosie gave me a tour of her favorite shady spots in the garden.

Rosie gave me a tour of her favorite shady spots in the garden.

It all started with a visit to her garden in September to see her garden shed project.  I love Linda's garden filled with interesting plants, fun textures, and fascinating combinations.  Rosie, her Boston Terrier, guided me through the garden and gave me a few kisses too.

The new chocolate brown paint on her formerly white shed helps it fit into the garden as you walk down the side pathway.

The addition of the windows open the shed up to the garden. 


Inside, she painted it a lovely shade of blue.  Isn't this a lovely place to take an afternoon nap?


She added art and some of her favorite things.


And she looks out into the garden from her desk.


My friend, Heather, enjoyed a quiet moment with Rosie under the plum tree.  Linda served us thick slices of a moist blueberry cake and glasses of cold white wine.  We sat in the shade and enjoyed her garden.

Then I explored her garden with my camera.  Smiling at the flowers and all the seed heads.  We all need a private space that is ours to create in.  Linda's space is beautiful and reflects her personality.  Most importantly, she has a space to sit down in her own garden to enjoy the beauty that she's worked so hard to create.  


So many gardeners don't take the opportunity to sit down and savor their garden.  Do you have your own quiet space in the garden?  I'd love to hear about it.